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14 March 2011

Lamborghini Aventador debuts at Geneva motorshow

The latest Wipac project to start production is the complete exterior lighting for Lamborghini's flagship model, the Aventador  :

Headlamp and LED signature

The new headlamps feature the distinctive "Y" illuminated signature (LED daytime running light) that has been a key feature of recent Lamborghini concept cars. Realizing the combination of wide angle homogienity and performance of this function in production is possible only by using the latest optical ray-tracing and visualization software throughout the design process. This is combined with precision optical tooling and manufacturing techniques. The direction indicator is again an advanced optical design using new phosphor converted LED technology  

Exterior signal lighting

LEDs are used throughout the other exterior lighting functions of the car including Rearlamps, side markers and side indicators. A unique ultra-thin high mounted stop light is fixed to the moving aerodynamic spoiler and has been designed to meet all photometric requirements across a range of positions and angles

For more information on Wipac's products please see the lighting section of our website

 Wipac Lamborghini LED Headlamp

The daytime running lights with unique LED signature will ensure the car is clearly visible on the road (as if the orange paintwork was not enough!)

 Wipac Lamborghini LED Rearlamp and CHMSL

Rearlight detail with ultra-thin LED CHMSL visible in the spoiler edge above the Lamborghini logo


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